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Mature Professionals

Many of our members are mature professionals that simply don't have time to waste with other dating services. They are serious, professional individuals looking for fulfilling relationships.


We provide personalized attention to all of our clients to ensure they meet the person they want and deserve. We select matches for you that offer the maximum chance of success.


Safer Dating

Unlike other dating services, we verify all of our members to ensure that you'll be meeting real, qualified singles. Your information is never shared with anyone without your consent.

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MatureQualitySingles helps to match successful singles that are looking for long-term meaningful relationships. Finding the perfect match can be a lot of work
and we try to simplify the process for you! Based upon the personal information you enter we will recommend the matchmaking or dating service that is best suited for you.

"MatureQualitySingles has been a great resource providing a diverse range of quality people to match with my clients. Finding true love can be challenging, and MatureQualitySingles has done a great job at helping me join highly compatible singles together."
-Julie Ferman - Nationally Renowned Matchmaker and Relationship Expert at Cupid's Coach®

There's Someone For Everyone - Our Members Include Professionals Single Parents Middle-Aged Singles Seniors Divorcees Widows Our membership brings you a wide range of singles including Christian, Jewish, Caucasian, Black, Asian, and other ethnicities.